Codes & Policies

We established our “Code of Business Conduct,” in 1992 and updated it in 2016. All employees, including the chief executive officer, the chief financial officer and the controller, are required to read it and follow it to the letter. 

Our Human Rights statement outlines our responsibility to others.  Human rights is a fundamental value of Armstrong World Industries and is reflected in our Operating Principles.  

We proudly promote our Anti-Corruption Policy with our employees, partners and agents around the world, and we have a Code of Ethics for Financial Professionals, that all of the company’s finance employees, including the chief financial officer, the controller, and all financial managers, are required to observe.

Our Global Procurement Policy and our Supply Chain Policy outline our practices and business conduct as it relates to our procurement process. 

Code of Business Conduct

This Code of Business Conduct provides a summary of the company policies for conducting business in a legal and ethical manner. Our fundamental policy is that all business conducted by Armstrong World Industries and its subsidiaries must comply with all applicable laws and regulations and meet high ethical standards.    

The purpose of the Code:

  • Prevent unethical or unlawful behavior
  • Discover and stop any such behavior that may occur as soon as possible
  • Discipline those who violate the standards contained in the Code and related policies


One key policy referenced in the Code focuses on preventing and detecting corruption and bribery, particularly in dealings with government officials.  The company is committed to conducting its operations globally in a legal and ethical manner in all business environments consistent with U.S. and international anti-corruption laws, including but not limited to the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the U.K. Bribery Act.  This policy lays out key principles for a variety of company representatives as well as for third parties.

We actively promote our Anti-Corruption Policy with our employees, suppliers, partners and agents around the world.   

Our Responsibility to Each Other

  • Respect for human rights is a fundamental value of Armstrong World Industries and is reflected in our Operating Principles. We support and respect human rights in a manner consistent with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights issued by the United Nations. This commitment extends to our employees, business partners and supply chain. This Human Rights Policy statement is more broadly reflected in our commitment to ethical business practices, embodied in our Code of Business Conduct.
  • Our employees and business partners have access to an Ethics Hotline, through which concerns, questions and grievances can be raised and resolved. These concerns can be raised anonymously; all employees and business partners are encouraged to raise concerns in good faith.