Armstrong World Industries has long embraced the values embodied in its Operating Principles adopted in 1960, long before it was required by law.  From the beginning, our founder Thomas Armstrong was determined his company act with fairness and in the "balanced best interests (of) customers, stockholders, employees, suppliers, community neighbors, government and the general public."  Consistent with these principles, we take governance and compliance seriously.

The company has been a leader in corporate governance for many years. Our board has been comprised of outside directors since at least 1990. We were leaders in establishing governance principles, a board evaluation process and fully-independent audit, compensation and governance committees.

We have strengthened our corporate governance with more detailed Corporate Governance Principles (PDF), expanded committee charters and multiple means for shareholders to contact our board of directors.

Our governance strengths include:

  • Our board of directors consists of all outside directors with the exception of the CEO.
  • Our board holds regular executive sessions without management present, and we have regular access to employees.
  • Our Audit, Finance, Management Development and Compensation, and Nominating, Governance and Social Responsibility committees all have charters to guide their activities.
  • We comply with (and in some cases exceed) the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and New York Stock Exchange guidelines.

Learn more about:

Corporate Governance Codes & Policies
Armstrong World Industries Board of Directors
Armstrong World Industries Board Committees

Office of Compliance

Our board of directors welcomes your thoughts and concerns.

We encourage you to provide your contact information to allow us to follow up and collect more information as needed.  You can request that your concern be treated confidentially, and we will honor that request if we can. If you are especially concerned that your message remains anonymous, please send it by mail.

  • Accounting, internal accounting controls or auditing concerns will be referred to members of the audit committee.
  • Other concerns will be referred to the lead director of the board.
  • All questions and concerns will be received and processed by the Office of Compliance.

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