In our plants, on the road or in the office, safety is paramount in everything we do. Our ultimate goal is to have zero injuries.  Our robust safety program continues with constant monitoring of our safety metrics.  We have an Armstrong injury rate target of less than 1 for all employees at all company locations.

(Reporting Ø work related fatalities)

If a safety incident does occur, we maintain an injury reporting policy which includes a “quick report” mechanism. This quick report is an internal report used to inform key personnel within Armstrong of the safety incident.  The policy also requires a root cause investigation to be conducted and the findings are shared with all operations.  These investigations will often result in procedural changes, process changes or best practices adopted company-wide.

Armstrong is committed to safeguarding employees from the potential hazards of our operations, providing safe products for our customers, and complying with applicable laws and regulations worldwide relating to the workplace, health and product safety. Based on proven principles, we are confident that our safety management systems empower you and Armstrong to strive for the highest level of safety performance. Our efforts are outlined in our Safety Policy.  Our focus has earned us world class safety status and we’re proud of that. But we’re more proud that our culture is based on keeping each other well and safe every day.

Employee Program

Armstrong Campus Initiative

Our message to employees on safety is our annual campaign called: Safety – Talk It Up!  It is all about the first basic step in being safe... being aware of your surroundings. Above, behind, peripherally and right in front of our noses – so often we move through our day-to-day activities with no sense of what’s around us. 

That’s dangerous. Instead make a conscious effort to tune in to your surroundings...not zone out.​ It takes practice to become more alert, more aware, more mindful. Notice the near misses. Be aware of what you’re going to do next. Look out for someone else.​

Know your safety sphere and use that awareness to identify risks you may face in your daily work. Find creative ways to eliminate or correct threats and share what you’ve learned with your co-workers.​

​In other words, Talk It Up!  ​We’re all in this together, so let’s work to make this our safest year yet!