Armstrong World Industries (AWI) formed the Armstrong World Industries Foundation in 1985. Since its inception, the foundation has donated more than $50 million to charity.

The foundation focuses its philanthropic strategy to have the most meaningful impact possible, while keeping its by-laws and the following stakeholders in mind:

  • AWI current and future employees and retirees
  • The communities where we operate
  • Architects, designers, contractors and others in the building community dedicated to elevating the importance of design and buildings in people’s lives

Today the AWI Foundation’s strategy is primarily focused on making a positive difference in lives of people where they live, work, learn, heal and play, awarding grants by invitation only to 501(c)(3) organizations that meet at least two of the following criteria:

  • Operate in communities where AWI employees live and work
  • Improving the buildings where they operate and therefore the quality of service they provide to the people they benefit
  • Focus on those who are most in need, particularly under-served children and early childhood education

This approach fosters opportunities to partner with AWI to provide in-kind ceiling solutions and services, and engage employees in the community via volunteer opportunities.

Directors & Officers


Employee Choice Gift Match

The AWI Foundation Employee Choice Gift Matching Program supports AWI employees and the causes they care about in communities where they live and work.

AWI provides employees with a fast and easy way to give back and request an Employee Choice matching gift through the company’s Workplace Giving portal,  Employees may request up to $500 in matching dollars split between monetary donations and volunteer hours.

Employees may find more information about how to request a match on LookUp, AWI’s intranet.


  • Employees - Armstrong World Industries employees are eligible to participate in Employee Choice.
    • Only personal charitable contributions by individual employees are eligible.  Gifts must be actual payments made by the employee.
    • Employees may request matching gifts for volunteer hours.
  • Non-profit 501 (c)3 Organizations
    • Qualifying organizations must be 501(c)3 organizations based in the U.S. that are not private foundations and are recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as eligible to receive tax-deductible contributions.
    • Pledges, in-kind contributions, and group fundraising efforts submitted under one employee's name are not eligible for the gift-matching program.
    • Payments for memberships, subscriptions, or anything else for which the employee receives any goods or services.
    • Primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities are ineligible.
    • Organizations  that support religious services or proselytism and organizations that foster political and legislative agendas are ineligible.
    • Since the Armstrong World Industries Foundation supports annual United Way campaigns in communities where Armstrong World Industries has a presence, contributions to the United Way are ineligible for an Employee Choice match. However, employees may still receive a match for charitable gifts made through the United Way designated to specific charitable organizations, e.g. Salvation Army, Boys & Girls Clubs, etc.

The foundation includes an annual allocation for Employee Choice gift matching dollars in its budget. Once the dollars have been exhausted for the calendar year, no further requests will be paid for that calendar year.  Employee Choice may be changed, suspended, or terminated at any time without notice and its administration, interpretations, and applications of the provisions of the program are decided by the board of directors.

Community Grants

United Way

Armstrong has proudly supported United Way fundraising campaigns since 1924, with millions of dollars generously donated by our employees and matched by the company. Beyond their dollars, our employees have donated thousands of volunteer hours, to education, healthcare, disaster relief and many other organizations.

Day of Caring

We proudly support the United Way Day of Caring program, with hundreds of Armstrong employees, providing thousands of volunteer hours in support of the many United Way agencies….from painting buildings to landscaping, our employees roll up their sleeves to help in their local communities.

Product Donations

Armstrong provides in-kind ceiling donations in communities where we have operations as shown here. Organizations must carry 501 (c)(3) nonprofit status and be recognized by the United States Internal Revenue Service as eligible to receive tax-deductible contributions. To request a ceiling product donation, please submit this In-kind Product Request Form (PDF) with a copy of your nonprofit Tax ID number to: