Armstrong Proud

One of the things our employees appreciate most about working here is our operating principles. They define our way of doing business…the way our founder insisted upon operating more than 150 years ago when he started this company.

They include respect, a strong sense of camaraderie and family, a non-negotiable value system, and an unwavering commitment to each other’s safety. Bottom line, we believe in fairness, ethics, passion and teamwork, and doing the right thing every day for our stakeholders: employees, customers, neighbors or shareholders. It’s fundamental to who we are and how we operate.

Check out the videos to see if our values match yours.

  • To respect the dignity and inherent rights of the individual in all dealings with people.
  • To maintain high moral and ethical standards and to reflect honestly, integrity, reliability and forthrightness in all relationships.
  • To reflect the tenets of good taste and common courtesy in all attributes, words and deeds.
  • To serve fairly and in proper balance the interests of all groups associated with the business --customers, stockholders, employees, suppliers, community neighbors, government and the general public.
  • Our values are our operating principles that we established in 1960.