We strive for a culture that balances individual achievement with teamwork and collaboration. We draw on each other’s strengths and allow for different work styles to build employee engagement and satisfaction and deliver results.

You can stretch yourself here and extend beyond personal and professional boundaries to experience new people, places and ideas. We have big initiatives and projects underway now and on the horizon, and we’re always looking for the right people to join our extraordinary team.

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Training and professional development

Armstrong World Industries, Inc. develops its employees through a variety of means: via formal training – classroom and online and via on the job experiences.  Managers coach employees individually to help them to fulfil their potential.  The company has policies and practices that encourage and enable filling of vacancies from within the company.


As an organization, Armstrong World Industries, Inc. recognizes the importance of employee engagement. To capitalize on the exciting business opportunities ahead, Armstrong strives to build a work environment that inspires employee commitment so that every employee is willing and able to perform at their best. In order to be a great company, Armstrong World Industries, Inc. must be a great place to work. To this end AWI regularly seeks employee feedback to understand and measure employee perceptions of our work climate and what motivates our employees to succeed. Our leadership team is committed focusing on those areas that strengthen employee performance and commitment.