BŌK Modern Acquisition Propels Architectural Metal Solutions Into the Future of Sustainable Design

The built environment requires a constant balancing act of features: light and sound, air quality and temperature, sustainability and design. Our work focuses on how we can seamlessly bring together each element. How can we provide the foundation to build cost-effective, sustainable spaces that champion both form and function?

In July 2023, we took a significant step to expand our metal architectural design capabilities and help our customers achieve their desired designs more efficiently. We acquired BŌK Modern, a growing leader in architectural metal solutions with a focus on hybrid approaches that integrate architecture, engineering, construction and industrial design.

While many exterior metal elements are supported by bulky, aesthetically unappealing steel structures, BŌK has developed elegant solutions that incorporate the structural support into the design. These designs eliminate unnecessary secondary structures, cutting down on labor and material costs.

Acquiring BŌK Modern expands our portfolio to now feature façades, rainscreens, fencing and interior/exterior partitions. By doing so, we can offer our customers a broader range of advanced metal solutions that prioritize sustainability. For instance, our rainscreens and canopies reduce a building’s heat load, thereby cutting down on cooling costs. With more capabilities under one roof, we’re helping customers access products that not only look visually stunning but also enhance each space’s functionality—inside and out.