Bridging the Talent Gap With Technician Apprenticeships

Sometimes it’s not about finding the right talent—it’s about helping create it. We’re working to build relationships with local educational institutions to provide hands-on experiences for students, and we’re expanding apprentice programs that provide opportunities to existing employees to elevate their careers. At our Hilliard plant in central Ohio, we are partnering with nearby Columbus State Community College as part of a work-study program that pairs students with local manufacturers. We provide the essential hands-on experience and education students need to become qualified technicians. By doing so, we not only fill our talent gap but also cultivate a highly skilled workforce that contributes to the growth of the local community. Our Macon, Georgia, and Marietta, Pennsylvania, plants are also focused on developing existing Armstrong employees. In Marietta, the plant offers a range of apprenticeships in mechanical, electrical and electro-mechanical fields.

After completing 8,000 hours of on-the-job training and nearly 600 hours of formal classroom training, graduates receive their journeyman license, a state-recognized endorsement of their skills. Our Macon plant’s program also combines hands-on experience with evening classes, resulting in a Certificate of Apprenticeship in Industrial Manufacturing that opens up more opportunities in the field.

With a growing demand for trade skills, these apprenticeship programs offer a way forward. Employees who enter our doors without formal training are walking out as skilled tradespeople. It’s a testament to our company mindset. By finding creative ways to strengthen both our manufacturing processes and the people who execute them, we create success for our plants, our employees and the industry at large.

Safe and Healthy Workforce

Safety is an important part of our commitment to our employees.