SUSTAIN: [Able] to create better spaces

People are at the heart of every interior space. Your choice of ceiling materials can have a positive influence and contribute to the wellbeing and comfort of those people that work, play, learn, and heal in those spaces.

Armstrong is committed Better Spaces by:

  • Reducing noise that interrupts concentration, healing and learning through our Total Acoustics Solutions, providing total noise control and design flexibility.
  • Providing the SUSTAIN ceiling system portfolio so you are able to meet today’s most stringent sustainability and transparency standards
  • Enhancing daylight and reducing glare, by using the ceiling to bring more light into the space and improve worker comfort, wellbeing and productivity.
  • Providing low emitting products and new innovations that contribute to better indoor air quality, all meeting or exceeding global indoor air quality standards.
  • Providing inspiration for all types of spaces, from wall to wall ceilings, Invisacoustics, and Design Flexibility.
  • Achieving the most respected product certifications that contribute to Green Building Standards in all areas of the world.