In our manufacturing facilities

In our plants, we have strategies and policies to meet our energy, water and waste reduction targets.

  • We intake industry waste steams and upcycle them into our products. 
  • We focus on energy efficiency initiatives that decrease our use of natural gas and electricity.
  • Water recycling and infrastructure improvements are a few ways that our manufacturing facilities use less water. 


At our corporate headquarters

We diverted from landfills 71 of the 72 tons of the waste we produced in 2017, a 98% “landfill diversion rate.”

Our headquarters building has received the Energy Star rating for nine years. The Energy Star label recognizes a building as one of the most efficient in the nation.  Energy-saving features of our headquarters include:

  • Occupancy sensors control space lighting
  • Dual-level lighting in perimeter office spaces minimizes use of artificial light and related heat gains
  • Building automation system, part of a campus-wide system, controls comfort levels for all interior spaces
  • CFC-free refrigeration is used in cooling systems and boiler steam energy is used for heating
  • Energy-efficient motors control air handlers and pumps, and automatically adjust speeds during non-occupied periods
  • Carbon dioxide sensors continuously measure CO2 levels and control air ventilation in occupied spaces

Another of our showcase buildings on campus is LEED-EB Platinum Certified.  It was the first building outside of California to achieve this certification and the first building in Pennsylvania to be certified and re-certified LEED EB Platinum.