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Building better spaces and places for everyone

At Armstrong World Industries, we strive to create a healthy and restorative environment, both within our company and in our customers’ spaces and communities. That means that we cultivate and maintain an environment that encourages safe, healthy and fulfilled employees and develop an inclusive culture and diverse workforce at all levels of the organization. Through the Armstrong World Industries Foundation, our 501(c)(3) charitable organization, we are also actively engaged in the communities where we operate to make them vibrant places to live and work.

KPIs for 2030

We will have zero workplace injuries.

100% of our locations will have a representative diverse workforce at all levels.

100% of our employees will have the opportunity to be actively engaged in their communities.

Health and Safety Performance Highlights

Safety has been a focus of Armstrong World Industries since our founding, and it is paramount in everything we do. Guided by our Safety Policy, we have built a robust safety management system that constantly monitors our safety metrics so that we can quickly report and investigate any incidents. This approach allows us to make timely changes to procedures and processes and to identify best practices to be adopted companywide.

OSHA numbers

  2018 2019 2020
OSHA Recordable Injuries 26 37 36
OSHA Total Recordable Incident Rate 0.66 1.62 1.47
Geography and businesses included in data This number is inclusive of all global businesses prior to the divestiture, including TECTUM, Inc. This figure is inclusive of the new North American-focused business, with the acquisitions of Plasterform, Inc. and Steel Ceilings, Inc. This figure is inclusive of the new North American-focused business, with the acquisitions of MRK Industries, Inc. and Architectural Components Group, Inc.

One of our key priorities as we grow through acquisitions and integrate new companies into Armstrong World Industries is to embed our long-standing safety management systems and culture within each acquired organization.

COVID-19 Response

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic caused significant disruption on many fronts.  All of our manufacturing facilities remained operational, while following governmental and local health authorities’ guidance for avoiding the spread of the disease. We implemented measures to minimize our employees’ exposure to the virus. These included encouraging remote work when possible, providing personal protective equipment, limiting group meetings, restricting business travel, implementing enhanced cleaning and sanitizing procedures, and ensuring social distancing.

The realities of COVID-19 have also profoundly changed the way we think about how our products can meet the emerging needs of our customers. See Products as well as this Forbes interview with our CEO, Vic Grizzle, for more details on how we are designing for a post-COVID world.

Envisioning the Post-Pandemic Workspace

Diversity Highlights

To achieve our mission and to ensure that our design and building of spaces are fit for today and tomorrow, it is imperative that our employees reflect the society we serve across the dimensions of race, sex, ethnicity, age, gender or gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, disability and veteran status.

In 2020, we hired Salena Couchman, our Vice-President of Talent Sustainability, Diversity and Inclusion to guide our efforts. She will build upon the decades of activity already built through our affirmative action programs. We aim to integrate diversity and inclusion at all key touch points, from recruiting and hiring to employee engagement and development. We have made several commitments on diversity and inclusion and have embedded diversity and inclusion into our overall corporate strategy and community outreach. These commitments are supported by employee training and regular surveys, affinity groups, performance monitoring and succession planning. 

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