Armstrong World Industries Reinforces the Boys & Girls Club's Mission

Armstrong World Industries Reinforces the Boys & Girls Club's Mission

We believe that healthy, well-designed spaces should be accessible to all. Through the Armstrong World Industries Foundation, we help charitable organizations upgrade their spaces to ensure they can operate at their highest potential every day and to help others do the same. Our giving strategy primarily focuses on nonprofit organizations that are helping underserved populations in areas where we operate and that are in the process of renovating their facilities.

In 2017, we began working with the Boys & Girls Club of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, as they pursued a building renovation at two of their local clubhouses. The facilities were located in multilevel converted warehouses and a former school building, with lots of exposed and hard surfaces that created significant noise issues. Children struggled to find a quiet place to do homework while others played, and staff strained to make themselves heard above the din.

The Armstrong World Industries Foundation combined its financial assistance with Armstrong World Industries’ expertise in healthy buildings to create the most impact. Armstrong World Industries assessed the challenges of the space to develop acoustic solutions. Our company donated ceiling and wall solutions, including TECTUM products, made of a sustainable wood-based fiber, to reduce noise in high-use areas like the gymnasium. The Armstrong World Industries Foundation provided a $100,000 grant to the Boys & Girls Club capital campaign for renovations on both clubhouses. In addition, the Foundation provided a grant of $25,000 the following year for continuing building improvements.

The new and improved clubhouses have less ambient noise, allowing both children and staff that work there every day to perform at their best for years to come.

TECTUM Panels Make a Difference for Kids

Acoustics and durability help make the Boys and Girls Club look great and perform better for hundreds of kids every day.