Donated WOODWORKS Samples Become Artistic Creations

Minimizing our impact on the planet is one of our core sustainability goals. In every way possible, we are always looking for ways to reduce waste in our manufacturing operations. Recently, our Marketing team hit upon an innovative solution to handling discontinued product samples.

Two full pallets (approx. 2,300 pieces) of WOODWORKS bamboo finish samples sat unused in a warehouse. Not much can be done with discontinued samples, but it seemed a waste to discard them. They have a certain beauty in them … an artistry, if you will.

The creative minds on our Marketing team proposed giving the samples to art students. After researching options, they sent the samples to the Creative Arts Guild, a community arts center committed to nurturing and supporting the arts in Dalton, Ga., and its neighboring areas.

The students created over 250 art pieces to display at the Guild’s 60th anniversary celebration in May, and later handed them out as take-home gifts to everyone who attended.

Donating the samples is mutually beneficial. For the art students, they increase the diversity of materials with which to explore inspiration and artistic expression. For AWI, we redirected materials away from the landfill while also creating an opportunity for community engagement.