Our Products Make a Difference

We make a difference where people live, work, learn, heal and play

Our ceiling, wall and suspension systems do amazing things that might surprise you.

Did you know our acoustical ceilings help “control sound?” Well they absolutely do, and do you know what that means in people’s lives? Big things. When classrooms are less noisy, students can hear the teacher better, so, guess what? They learn better. Quieter healthcare facilities feel less stressful so patients can rest easier and heal faster. Makes sense, right? In offices, it’s proven less perceived chaos, aka noise, helps concentration and focus, so employees can work more effectively. Sound control goes a long way in countless settings, and we love how we can contribute to that.

But we don’t stop with acoustics. We build fire and seismic performance into our ceilings, and that helps make buildings and the people in them, safer. Plus, we work very hard to minimize the impact our products and operations have on the planet; we strive every day to reduce the environmental footprint we leave behind for future generations. The best example of that is our ceiling recycling program. We were the first to recycle ceilings, and since we started that program almost two decades ago, we’ve recycled and reclaimed millions of square feet of ceiling tiles that have gone back into new ceilings instead of winding up in landfills.

This is important stuff, and it counts. Armstrong is a company where you really can make a difference. Watch how.